Autobio University
Autobio University
  • 安图大学介绍

          Founded by Autobio Diagnostics Co., ltd, Autobio University, integrating the most preeminent domestic and overseas experts and scholars in in vitro diagnostic fields, devotes itself to impart the professional knowledge and the cultivation of talents.

           Autobio University includes Medical Laboratory School and Management School. Medical Laboratory School insists the school running goal as “imparting the knowledge of medical laboratory, discovering advanced diagnostic technologies, promoting that laboratory testing serves clinical applications”.The management School aims to accurately impart practical management knowledge, cultivate management talents for enterprises and customers, and provide a continuous education platform for partners and internal staff.

        Formally established on March 2rd 2019, Autobio University invites Professor Cong Yulong as Honorary President. Professor Zhong Renqian is the dean of the school of Medical Laboratory, professor Wang Huimin is the head of medical laboratory department of the school of experimental medicine, Dr. Zhang Jian is the head of quality management department of the school of Medical Laboratory, and Dr. Yang Keming is the consultant of the school of management.


  • 办学宗旨

    Imparting Medical Laboratory knowledge, Cultivating the talents, Serving for the health of Human Being.

  • 办学愿景

    Become an respectable corporate university in vitro diagnostic fields

  • 办学理念

    Be Practical, be exploratory, striving for excellence.