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Autobio upholds the tenet of "committed to the penetration and improvement of medical laboratory technology,serving for human health" and strives to provide both cost-efficient and high-quality products to medical laboratories.

Founded in 1998, Autobio has been focusing on the common development of both reagents and instruments. Product catalogue covers many IVD fields, including Immunoassay, Biochemistry, Microbiology, which can provide medical laboratories with comprehensive solutions and service.

Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 1st, 2016 (603658, Autobio), which is also the first IVD manufacturer listed in the main board.

Autobio highly values the importance of products R&D and technological innovation and believes that R&D and innovation are the core competitiveness of a company. Autobio has become one of the leading companies with the most number of registered numbers and the most comprehensive product catalogue.

As a leading innovation enterprise in Henan Province, Autobio has a national-recognized Enterprise Technology Center, several joint automated Immunoassay laboratories of national and local governments and Henan province IVD Engineering Research Center. Autobio has undertaken a number of major national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, including two projects of "National 863 Program".

Autubio takes ‘customers come first, value creation for customers’ as its service concept and insists on improving customer-centric service standards and service ability. Autobio has over 600 professional service engineers to provide timely and thoughtful technical services to customers across the country. While providing customers with products & technical service, Autobio also provides medical laboratories with Internal Quality Control.

Autobio has a strong distribution network with thousands of distributors covering domestic market. In oversea markets, Autobio’s products has performed enormous potential, exporting to over 80 countries such as Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America,Africa etc.